Ricardo Dominguez Alcaraz


Do you want a print of any of my pictures? Here is some info about them and how you can buy yours.

The prints are printed by thePrintspace lab in London (UK).

thePrintspace is one of the finest printing labs in Europe who works for the best museums and organizations like Magnum.

My pictures are printed in C-Type mode, with a matt paper made by Fuji.

Here is more information of thePrintspace and the papers used: theprintspace.co.uk

You have got 3 sizes to choose: 

Small:       260 x 173 mm (A4 size approximately)

Medium:   400 x 267 mm (A3 size approximately)

Large:      600 x 400 mm (A2 size approximately)

All the sizes had a minimum of 20mm of margin in each side of the paper.

All the images are a limited edition of 20 of each size.

The price will vary depending the size and the shipment.

For further information and/or for buy your print you can write me an email to dominguezalcaraz@gmail.com or fill the form in the contact section.

I will very happy to answer your questions.