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What is Wannamaker?

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We are the spaces we live in. They mark us and guides us through our own experiences in them. They are a quiet and unnoticed protagonist. That's why we think they are so important for us because they can explain to us how we are as human beings and as a society.

Wannamaker wants to investigate them and explore them. Give them a voice, know how they are and why they exist. We want to show them to the world in the best possible modes. We want to know how are seen by the people who investigate and explores them.

The first way we thought about is the book medium. Wannamaker books exist to make photo-books dedicated to these territories, to these endless, darker and slow researches that are so productive. We don't want these good works held in a drawer or forgotten at the bottom of the photographic archive.

So we explored how to do it, how we can be sustainable publishing quality books at reasonable prices in order to reach the most possible interested people. We found a satisfactory solution where we can do it nowadays: the printing on demand through Peecho. Thanks to that we can assure a quality product, with a reasonable price and a good distribution. We can be sustainable. As a small and independent publishing house, this is quite important, it is essential.

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We know that we will not make us rich with it. We know that nowadays the photographic and publishing industry is being tricky, as always by the way. But that doesn't make us give up and take out the illusion for trying to do it the best way we can. It doesn't take out the illusion of publishing quality works. We don't want to run. We want to do it fine. This kind of works that talk about the territory don't understand rushes, the time is something malleable for them and, above all, they have their own time and sense of time. So then they go with their own time. We will too.

At this moment we don't accept submissions. We will and we will open ways for the people who might be interested to send us proposals and projects about the territory in their whole sense: places, urban spaces, rural zones, natural landscapes, etc. All that is could be related to the physical territory will be welcome.

We are ambitious. Then the life will guide you where she wants. But we believe that you must ask for it if you want to be guided. Wannamaker born as a small publishing house of contemporary photography, but in the long road, we want to do Wannamaker a space of independent spaces that are related to each other. And we want that in one of these Wannamaker spaces you may feel comfortable.