Ricardo Dominguez Alcaraz is a Photographer and Art Historian born in València, in 1984, where he lives, bases his photographic work and performs his profession.
His main photographic interest is about the spaces we live in. About the meaning of the territory, the cities and the land for us as a human beings. So his works talks about that in different points of view.
He has published several books about his photographic essays and has been exhibited on a national level as on an international level. Also, he has been published in several physical and online magazines throughout the world.
Artist Statement
Time ago I was talking with a friend about my photographic projects and she told me that I was a "photographer of spaces". I did not understand it at that time. Today I do: she defined me better than I ever did. We are what we are, for better or worse.
My photographic work is focused on the spaces, in the urban and natural territories. My interest in them relies upon their complexity covered in simplicity. We see them, we use them, but we really don't see them in depth because they are a part of the world we walk by, they are something that always is there, that always been there. They are unnoticed for us. But they are something else, always have been something else. Somehow this place was created by someone for something, in a specific moment of time, with specific ideas. They exist as a key element in our environment.
My work is focused on their investigation and analysis, is focused on what they are saying to us and why we must know it. I investigate what they do for us, how they are defining us as human beings and as a society. We left footprints behind us and they define us. As an Art Historian, I can assure it.
My work asks questions that I made myself and sometimes I can give an answer, that generates more questions at the time. My work asks itself about the physical territory and, as an extension, about the mental, psychological, social and sociological environment. My photographic projects ask about the space around us to understand better who we are living in. My work explores the place, lives it, experiments it.
We are the spaces we live in. My target is to show them in their complexity and thus see ourselves. My work takes us in front of a mirror that not always returns the desired reflection, so we don't like to see it. That mirror forces us to see ourselves, as human beings and as a society, as we really are. So it is no easy to talk about this places that define us. It never was, it never will be. But the try worths it.
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