Ricardo Dominguez Alcaraz is a Photographer and Art Historian born in València, in 1984, where he lives, bases his photographic work and performs his profession.
His main photographic interest is about the spaces we live in. About the meaning of the territory, the cities and the land for us as a human beings. So his works talks about that in different points of view.
He has published several books about his photographic essays and has been exhibited on a national level as on an international level. Also, he has been published in several physical and online magazines throughout the world.
Selected CV

- Degree in History of Art
- Photograhper

- "no one's land" - Camera Infinita Books
- "the GREAT ESCAPE" - Wanamaker Books

- II Concurso Nacional de Fotografía AFZ
- Reclaim Photograhy Festival
- "goodnight, moon" - Le Meduse

Publications (selected)
- Underdogs Magazine
- Subjectively Objective
- Fraction
- Scopio Editions Network
- Phosmag
- Plateform Magazine
- Landscape Stories
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